Intuition Girl: You Have Girl Power

The gift of intuition is amazing and we all possess it. It helps you go down the right roads; it helps you with warning signs when danger is near. It helps you feel empowered, safe, worthy, confident, and so much more. This beautiful book is an effective tool to help these amazing girls tap into their own intuition, to help them create the magic in their life, and to help them when times get tough or when challenges happen, and they need guidance and support. This book is filled with fun stories of other intuition girls who needed guidance and support during their younger years. We all need to learn how to be intuitive, how to be empowered, and to create amazing gifts in and for our lives. This book Intuition Girl will give the tools and steps to live a fun-filled adventurous life with a purpose all while you tap into your own intuition.

I have created a fun-animated video of a rap song "Trust Your Heart." (

--Joan Marie Whelan