Is God Really Alive?: Yes He is, and He has you in the palm of His Hand

Have you ever wondered if God is real? Have you asked either yourself or others, "Is God truly real?" only to never receive a definitive answer? Perhaps, you've grown up in a Christian household, or are a devout Christian, or perhaps you are a nonbeliever. But whoever you are, at your core, you do not know for sure if God is truly real. This book unlocks the truth of how real God is and how alive He is in our lives today. In this book, Pastor Ae Cha, through her personal relationship with God, shares individual testimonies revealing in detail how God answered her to prove that He indeed is real. Within the chapters of this book, she not only reveals that God is real and alive, but she also demonstrates that God is a loving and caring Father. These stories illustrate in detail how much our Heavenly Father cares and loves His greatest creation""humanity. Each story reveals how He loves you and yearns to be in a personal relationship with you. Contained within each chapter is the revelation of how God is with you when you need a job, when you are facing severe health issues, dealing with feelings of unbelief and doubt, mistaken understandings about His character, and so much more. Within the pages of this book lies the answer of whether or not "God is Real" and the truth of His existence and never-ending love to help you in every area of life.

--Ae Cha Arroyo