Islam Rising: Christianity Waning in Europe and the USA

Hard Questions This Book Answers

What is causing the backward transformation that Europeans are experiencing, bringing parts of Europe back to almost the same state of terrorism and loss of freedom when they were once shackled under NAZI and Communist occupations?

What has happened to Christianity in Europe? How many churches are now standing empty, being turned into museums or concert halls, or being sold as mosques?

What has happened to the demographics of Europeans now in such decline? How soon will original Europeans no longer exist, replaced by the souring populations of Muslims?

What is the true history of Islam and the ideology driving their acts of terrorism? Why is this being whitewashed in the media and in European and American public schools as the schools are promoting pure Islam propaganda?

How is the USA following the same pattern set for us in Europe with their massive influx of immigrants and refugees? Who are the various secular and non-secular groups driving the refugee program, and how much money is being made by them?

What are the huge numbers of immigrants and refugees doing to our own country? How are small town and communities and their schools suffering with such a huge influx of migrants who do not share a common culture, language, traditions, or religion? What can we learn from this book before it is too late?

--Orlean Koehle

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