It Ain't Your Ordinary Road Trip!: The Journey With Faith

Faith is never lacking in resources—anyone can be used by God to accomplish His will. At the same time, faith is not a requirement to be used by God in His divine plan.

If you don’t believe that, It Ain’t Your Ordinary Road Trip! The Journey With Faith offers the reader the opportunity to explore the incredible journeys—with or without faith—of prominent Bible personalities as author Carol West imagines they might have happened.

Thinking outside the box, yet staying true to God’s Word, this collection of Bible stories for teens and adults attempts to fill in the blanks and answer the questions most folks have asked at one time or another.

• Talk to Eve and discover she’s much more than just a pretty face.

• Run with Moses from Egypt to Midian, where he discovers his one-way ticket is actually a round-trip one!

• Hang out with three Hebrew boys who refused to bend, or bow down, or burn.

• Discover with Martha and Mary that when Jesus shows up, the possibilities are endless!

These stories and the others included herein provide powerful insights into how God leads ordinary people, even those the world has rejected, in extraordinary ways to accomplish His plan.

--Carol West