Jesus Is the Way, Truth, Life: Atheism Is the Lost, Lie, Death

If you cannot comfortably say with confidence that Jesus died for your sins and opens the door of salvation for you or that you deny Jesus, then this book is for you. So many Christians take Jesus for granted, and so many people do not understand His torment and the suffering He endured for us.

We began a spiritual journey when we enter this world. We have a natural body and a world full of responsibilities to challenge us on our journey. We are influenced by many outside sources and personal interactions with our family members and friends. Ultimately, we make the most important decision of our life. Do we believe in God and accept Jesus as our Savior, or do we reject God and accept atheism?

When you analyze the facts of the life of Jesus, his loving teachings, his horrible suffering, death and miraculous resurrection, you come to understand He did it for you. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. His teaching brings light into your life. Jesus is the gateway to eternal happiness when we leave this world.

Atheism with its evil influence wants to drag you down and have you reject God. Atheists are in total denial about God, Jesus, supernatural experiences, something from nothing, and the wisdom in the formation of this universe and mankind. Atheists want you to believe you will simply rot in the ground and accept life with no future hope.

If you are an atheist, don’t laugh at this thought and concern. As a Christian, I care for you and your soul. That is certainly more than what the atheistic thinking has in mind for you. Atheism, under the influence of Satan, offers you nothing but the door way to eternal conscious separation from God.

This book is a direct challenge to the thoughts and beliefs of the atheist. I wrote this book with the hope it just might stir the mind of a non-believer. Then believing the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

--Michael A. Pietrzyk

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