Journey of Seasons

Journey of Seasons is a thirty-year journey walk through my life. God was with me through most of the seasons, then there were some it was just me alone.

As you read, I want you to "live for today, for tomorrow is not a guarantee." While reading this book, you will experience the pain I felt through my divorce, anxiety of wanting to commit suicide, the beautiful love of losing my great-grandmother, and my dad's dying of cancer.

Psalms 23:4 has always been my go-to verse. My hope is that in your prayer time, whatever you are dealing with, you set that aside and let God help you see the bigger picture. Remember always that he will never give you anything you can't handle. Let love share your pain and your pain show grace.

May Journey of Seasons be the light and give you the comfort for whatever season you are walking through.

--Christine Heath

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