Journey with Me: Getting to Know God

Journey with Me: Getting to Know God is an invitation to do just that.These writings are a compilation of articles and portions of a blog written by the author's late husband, William H. Libby, PhD, organic chemistry, fondly referred to as "Bill." With the author's encouragement, he had contacted this publisher about possibly publishing some articles. Unfortunately, a month later he entered a hospice program and was unable to pursue it further. Upon Bill's death, the author decided to display samples of his work at his memorial service. Receiving so much interest from family, friends, and clergy, the author decided to put together a manuscript of some of his works as a legacy to Bill.I believe you will find Journey with Me: Getting to Know God entertaining and educational. Bill had a way of relating to all ages and diverse backgrounds as you will experience in reading his book.Part 2 of the book is devoted to a comparison of science and religion. In going through this process, his faith in his Christian God is even more strengthened.

--Marlene Libby

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