Joy of the Journey: Awakening

Negro spirituals inspired this body of work. Negro spirituals served as a masked storyteller. These spirituals tell the stories of pain, hope, lost, and faith. This book is a part of a four-part series, Joy of the Journey. This volume is Winter: The Season of Awakening, featuring devotions that remind us to let go of the things that bring us pain. This includes relationships, habits, and choices that have hindered us from experiencing the full blessing of the Most High. This is an interactive devotional, encouraging the reader to explore their true self. Growing up, attending church with my grandmother, I remember the elders at the front of the church singing these old tunes. I can remember the orator calling to the audience and the congregational response. I remember feeling the spirit riding on the notes through the congregation as the orator moaned the words, "I love the Lord. He heard my cries." It felt like we were transformed into the throne room, crying at the feet of Christ. We were all connected on one accord. I can recall being filled with sorrow and joy. This volume explores tapping into areas in our lives that we need to cleanse and reset. Life is a journey and finding joy in the most challenging seasons require us to search deeply into our own hearts.72

--Bernadict Quarles and Carol L.S. McKnight

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