Judas of Iscariot : A Man with No Heart An Unsung Hero Volume 3

In Barabbas of Jerusalem, we learned about the brotherly love between Barabbas and Jesus; and in Mary of Magdala, Daughter of Love, we explored a special relationship between Mary of Magdala and Jesus. Now it's time explore the dark side of the triangle surrounding Jesus's life.

We start down this road beginning at Judas's birth and experience the pain and suffering he endured as well as that he gave to others. He was driven by evil and thought of nothing but himself. Judas was going down a path to nothingness when fate stepped in, and he found himself facing a ghost from the past. Desire, greed, and jealousy drove him to do unspeakable things to those around him.

Finally, in a last act of desperation, Judas committed the most grievous of sins: betrayal. We think we know the story, but do we? For every decision that's made, there's a reason. Let's walk the road with Judas and see where it truly ends for him.

--Howard Seeley