Kidnapped: God's Hand in My Life

Kidnapped: God’s Hand in My Life is born out of my life experience. As a nine-year-old boy, starting life without the love of family members after going through war is one of the toughest things I have dealt with. That experience established my faith in God and has inspired me all through life. It is therefore most fitting that I gave credit to whom it belonged. Without God’s hand in my life, there is no way I could have survived all the life-threatening challenges I have faced. This book is my little way of telling the world that there is a living God in heaven who care for his creatures and able to deliver us from all harm. It is my way to give encouragement to everyone regardless of their situation, to trust God and give everything to Him and He will rescue you. It is my prayer and hope that the reader will experience God’s delivering power and that he or she will be encouraged and never give up hope and trust in the living God.

--Peter Ebere