Kirsten The Crystal Bringer

Grådig, the greediest troll of the Northern Kingdom, had devised a scheme to ensure that he would be the healthiest, longest-lived being of the kingdom. In this time before doctors and hospitals, God had infused the crystals of an isolated mountain valley with the glow of His healing power. Grådig claims all of these crystals as, "Mine!" and guards this valley so jealously that not one of the kingdom's citizens has been able to enter there to bring a healing crystal to a suffering family member. One dreary fall day, the local citizens learned that their beloved king was desperately ill. One crystal from Crystal Valley can save him. But who among them is brave and clever enough to trick this troublesome troll? It is then that an ordinary farm girl comes up with an extraordinary plan that changes everything. . .even for Grådig

--Lanette Gutierrez