Knowing God Is Knowing Love

A short summary of the title of the book Knowing God Is Knowing Love.

How does one write a book about knowing God? For Linda, it began with just one word or phrase chosen each day from her morning devotional readings. She used that one word as her mantra (her sacred counsel). The word given to her from the Holy Spirit helped her to react in a positive way to situations that arose during the day. At the end of each month, Linda lit a candle, said a prayer and with pen in hand, she allowed the Holy Spirit to guide what was written concerning each word.

What transpired for Linda was a beautiful heartfelt journey of faith that grew in love and commitment to God. Through sharing her reflections and the treasures gleaned from her open, listening heart, Linda encourages readers to ponder what was written.

Her simple concept of choosing one word each day will transform your life. In Knowing God Is Knowing Love, readers will be inspired to start choosing their own word to help them stay focused on being more loving and kind through their love for God and others.

Whatever your denomination or church affiliation may be, Linda encourages all to be loyal and true to their calling of loving God and loving one another.

--Linda F. Stafford