Latching Well: Breastfeeding with an Integrative Approach

Breastfeeding is a great choice for you and your baby. Learn effective and reliable ways to latch and feed well. Integrated techniques come from select areas within lactation, nutrition, and advanced practice nursing. Each chapter reveals key skills that work for both mom and baby. Delve into this book to learn the secrets of making your experience a success. Loaded with practical advice, full of real-life examples, and important questions that mothers ask, this book is for you! 

How to latch your baby comfortably and all about baby’s suck spot

True-to-life vignettes, stories from moms who have been there

Safe sleeping guidelines and the truth about skin to skin

The intuitive play-feed-sleep cycle and what it teaches your baby

Your baby’s age and stage affect feeding and sleep patterns

First year feeding of solids with sound nutrition guidelines

Q&A section featuring answers to questions from real moms

“Lactation and breastfeeding are among the most sophisticated biological processes occurring in life.  In many cases, they are misunderstood by both the participants in breastfeeding and the healthcare community. Caroline Conneen has created a down to earth and easily understandable book that seems to cover every conceivable issue related to breastfeeding.  As a pharmacist who has worked with the breastfeeding community for over 40 years, I am greatly impressed with the simplicity of, and yet the depth of, the information presented.” Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP Pharmacist, Author, Speaker, and 40 years as a Lactation Expert

--Caroline Conneen, FNP, R.D., IBCLC