Launch Out Into The Deep

Launch out into the Deep

Secrets, Treasures & Mysteries

We are all in a constant state of change whether we are aware of it or not. Every movement into the unfamiliar and unknown is very uncomfortable. We instinctively do all we can to stay in our familiar, comfortable places, yet we, "want to have more of God".

In this book you will be challenged to make changes and go to a new depth in many different areas. You may not even know you have made the switch to a different and unfamiliar place. Why? Because this journey will open up new depths within you. Also, it will fill deep voids in a natural flow as you are uncovering new insights.

Secrets of the Lord will be revealed to you personally as you gain new spiritual and practical insights. Treasures we all seek to find will help you mature spiritually. Mysteries will be opened to you that will unravel many questions and quicken you to check out these unfamiliar challenges of going to a new depth spiritually.

--Dr. Anita F. Mason