Leadership: Turning Silver into Gold

First and foremost, this book is about leadership. The world is in need of great leaders to ensure the success of all organizations, businesses, and government entities. Perhaps as much as any company or business, police departments require effective leadership.

It is critical to distinguish leadership from other related terms like management, supervision, and oversight. Leadership means much more than any of these words. Leaders are personally invested in the well-being of their organization and in their personal success. This includes the idea that true leaders are willing to work tirelessly and fully commit themselves to their organization and its mission. The most effective leaders do so by the example they set each day. Leaders must also be accountable by taking responsibility for the success of the organization through measurable results. In doing so, they will be required to improve upon existing procedures and take calculated risks via the implementation of new programs.

Leadership: Turning Silver into Gold details the ascent of a police department, due in large measure to effective leadership. While this text is based largely upon the dynamics of police leadership, the overall themes may be applied within virtually any type of business. In moving any entity forward, changes will occur, both by the choosing of those running the organization and by necessity when outside influences so dictate. The best leaders are receptive to change and embrace this growing process in order to realize success.

In leading a police organization, those in positions of power must realize that the most minute details can be critical, and thus the little things must never be overlooked. All persons, whether inside or outside the agency, must be treated with dignity and respect. True leadership includes developing the next generation of leaderships via the mentoring process. Developing new talent is an ongoing process which ensures the future success of any organization.

This book is dedicated to those who commit themselves to the cause of leading others. Effective leadership can be likened to, and as rewarding as, the idea of turning silver into gold.

--Matthew J. Jamison

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