Learning To Live Again: The Lesson Book 2

Retired Sheriff John Young returned to the plantation he grew up on in South Carolina to find it filled with memories and history that he had to face. He, along with Sheriff Cassie Quince and his mentor Retired Sheriff Buck Branson, uncovered and foiled a gun- and dead-body-smuggling ring.John has fallen for Cass, and his mentor is falling for Cass’s widowed mother, Joann. John found redemption and peace with his past and a new zest for life. He is waiting for his brother and his family to arrive at the plantation to make decisions about selling it. His book about his capture of a serial killer is a best seller, and it has allowed John to retire early. It has provided him with financial security but not with happiness. That happiness seems to be possible now, but there are those who would stand in the way of it.“Love like You’re Gonna Die”The Lesson Book 3 will be out next year.

--Randy Getrost