Lessons from the Couch: How Anxiety and Depression Have Been Given a Bad Rap

We all go through events of the day more surviving than living. There are times of sadness and depression we don't understand. We often feel overwhelmed but hate to admit it. We experience alienation and loneliness, even hatred and anger, and feel forced to repress it all. We put a great deal of energy into hiding our limitations, fearing personal humiliation and rejection from others. As a result, we often feel disconnected from others. We feel it is necessary to hide our real selves in order to have any connection at all. Most importantly, we wonder if our life has any purpose and if what we do is meaningful. We sit and pray yet wonder if God can be part of all this.Here's the question, "Would you stay the way you are if you thought you had another choice?" If your answer is no, that you would change if you felt you could, keep reading. This is the book for you!

--Dr. William E. Ward

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