Lessons From The Front Porch Swing

Selma, Alabama, native Lula "Mama" Sharpe possessed all the characteristics of a forceful Southern grandmother: undeniable charm, strong personality, ability to dish out unsolicited advice, unreserved love, remedies for ailments from broken arms to broken hearts, and a frank way of delivering the lessons she valued. Each day, weather permitting, Mama sat on her front porch swing while teaching, advising, and encouraging her two granddaughters and anyone else in the community she deemed in need of guidance.

You too can learn life sustaining lessons from Mama as you read short vignettes about her life in this book aptly entitled, Lessons from the Front Porch Swing. The stories will delight you and the lessons can help you in all walks of life; at home, school, work, or play.

Some of the lessons instruct you to:

- Listen to Wise Counsel

- Appreciate Bosom Buddies

- Acknowledge Tough Stands Require Courage

- Practice Self-Control

- Make Life Special for Others

- Never Tolerate Abuse of Any Kind

- Avoid Dwelling in the Past

Mama is not the only one to teach these lessons; her lessons are supported by quotes from the Bible and from famous historical figures. These lessons can benefit high school students, college students, and adults who want to improve the way they interact with their peers, parents, spouses, bosses, coworkers, and strangers.

--Phyllis Parrish Alston

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