Let Me Tell You about My Life Story and My Living Testimony

This book speaks about what my life has been like since I’ve been in the United States. I talked about what my marriage was like and the struggle that I went through with my mental illness and how I was treated while I was going through my sickness, what got me to start serving the Lord and how God was blessing me even when I did not deserve it, my trials and tribulation, how he brought me out. What led me to be fully committed to the Lord? How I did what I had to do to take care of my son and to make sure he was okay? If you are a mother, you will understand where I’m coming from. If I had to do it all over again for my son, I would but do things differently. I also speak about my past relationships and how my grandmother was truly a blessing to me in the time of need. I was at my sick age, but I took the plane by myself to go to Jamaica to be with my son. I, with God on my side, brought him back home where he belongs, with his mom. Also how I got a second chance at life from the Lord. I speak a little about me and my family, but that does not mean I do not love them. I do love all of my family, and I hope when they’re reading this book they will see things from my point of view.

--Paula Stewart-Williams