Let There Be Light: A Book for Encouragement, Character Building, and Kingdom Building

Why do I present this book when the Bible, the Bible dictionaries, concordances, and many books are available. Well, those were my thoughts exactly—being a seasoned Christian. However, when I shared my idea of a book of this kind, with young Christians and New Christians, the interest and enthusiasm levels were overwhelming.

Therefore, this book is for the young and the New Christian, for the Seasoned Christians and the unbelievers.

The purpose is to erase any fear of Bible study; to generate enthusiasm for the word “of God”; to nurture and “jumpstart” young and New Christians; to introduce many of the authors of the Bible; to cause the young in Christ to become enlightened by the “word” of God. The discussion topics should entertain the Seasoned Christian: and to light the path of the New Believer. Reach deep into their lives and meet them where they are. They are meant to touch lives, help to restore lives, and offer some direction.

To the non-believers, my prayer is that they will read this book, discuss its contents, and draw near to God as a result. My prayer is that they will come to love Jesus Christ and appreciate the work that he did on the cross for all to be delivered from the bondage of sin. To the seasoned believers, my prayer is that you will read, enjoy, and use this book. But most of all, I pray that in the name of Jesus, you will introduce it to others.

May God Bless You,

Lillian Colson Graham

--Lillian Colson Graham