Life Begins When You Manage Your Faith

¨The purpose of writing, "Life Begins When You Manage Your Faith" is that, it took faith to navigate me through my life passion and faith to overcome daily challenges. Along with understanding the revelations of God when he's dealing with me on a personal level. ¨Therefore, faith management prepared me for reality to help with making the right choices at the crossroads of life. From simple things in life to making big decisions that will impact a nation, faith is the foundation of our relationship with God, which will help manifest our destinies. I'm married, I have three children which are young adults. I love them very dearly. I always have worked with the elderly, which has been such an inspiration to me. We all can empathize with one another that it took faith to help us through our life experiences. God has been my hope to dream and his love has been such an immeasurable entity in my life. His whisper in my ear, has brought depth, balance and integrity to my life. He has been there for me countless times. Fortunately, my life rerouted me to be a seeker of God. It's a joy to see how the word of God being manifested daily in peoples' lives. His profound words illustrate timeless accounts, revealing faith and miracles.

--Tonya Perry