Life Changes while Grieving: Three significant changes. One ultimate outcome.

Life Changes while Grieving is an overview of one man's thoughts and actions concerning his journey of grief after the tragic, sudden death of his wife and the life changes he encountered and created to further his healing process. Author Dominic Murgido looks back at the life changes that brought risks and choices to his world while trying to move forward and find resilience for his future.In his third book, Dominic explains what he experienced during each life change that took him to another level of coping and understanding where he was and where he needed to be.Life Changes while Grieving is a summary of a grief journey detailing what happened and how the author was able to move forward. There were days that he struggled, moments that took him by surprise, and triggers that brought him to tears, but in the end, all became good because the author learned to live with loss.Join Dominic as he shares some past reflections that he wrote and explores three life changes that made him realize there was another step to take on his own for the healthy continuation of living his best life. He is guided through time, patience, and self-renewal. Three significant changes, one ultimate outcome: comfort, peace, and grace in life's journey.

--Dominic Murgido

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