Life Notes: Reflections on Seeing God in Life: Adversities and Triumphs

Reflections allow a path to the soul to learn from life lessons. I have learned that looking back can be a productive forum for growth. Just take notes along the way--learn, share, and grow. Life Notes provides a simple yet powerful set of stories grounded in scripture and in faith that walks though the author's faith journey. Stories of perseverance, stories of love, stories of hurt and sorrows. Life Notes affirms the many people who touched Bennie's life and gave him the strength to perservere.Life Notes is intended to encourage you to pause and take notes along the way. Don't miss the daily affirmations given to you by a moment at church; or in a song; or at work; or with your childen, spouse, or partner.Bennie recalls reflecting on the maturing of his youngest son going to college. Shortly after that reflection, he found himself writing little thoughts and notes. It may have been a conversation with my dad, or my brother, or something I heard from my minister. He began sharing those with his wife and children, then with his siblings. The reflections were encouraging and motivating. He later learned that a couple of his sisters were printing them out and then later became a form of encouagement, which is the impetus for this book, Life Notes.

--Dr. Bennie L. Harris

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