Life Poems: Standing Up against Corruption and Abuse

The poems in this book are based on very real life events that me and my children, mainly me and my son. These poems range from abuse emotional, physically, and mentally by my ex-wife, her affair, and the attempts on my life, including being falsely arrested several times. These were done to silence me about local police officers’ criminal involvement in not only abusing and stalking me and my son, being sexually involved with my ex for favors, and for their role in trying to fulfill a death hit put out on me by the sheriff and a Logan County Arkansas district judge, as well as their role in what I would call a local criminal organization being protected by the judicial system. Since 2014, I have had to flee for my life while fighting for my son, who my ex and her lawyer kidnapped to keep him quiet, and find various unorthodox ways to keep us safe. I have been emotionally tortured and destroyed as they try to push me to suicide to finally silence my stand for justice for me and my children.

--Jimmy King

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