Little Girl with Crooked Bangs

How many of us can remember a time when we got a bad haircut? That was true for the Little Girl with Crooked Bangs, who takes you on a journey of her life.

The blood bond of family leaves a blueprint to follow.

As a child sitting close to Daddy, she hears tales of her brave ancestors crossing the Atlantic in search of a better life. She watches as her grandpa and his sons become the leading milk producer and delivery business in the area. She is nurtured by a strong mother during the Women's Movement of the sixties. Surrounded by seventy-one first cousins, she takes for granted the familial cord that binds them. As a young woman, she comes face-to-face with the daunting task of wearing the many hats of wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

She determines in herself the will to survive when her vehicle is hit head-on by a woman named Grace, who almost robs Lynn of fulfilling her destiny. For a brief moment, Lynn believes that she is dying . . . her life ending, her husband a widower, and her children without their mother. Her final wish is to let them know how much she loves them.

However, God's amazing grace pulls the woman out from the wreckage, pulls her through countless surgeries and unrelenting pain, and pulls her back to accepting herself and a new life.

--Lynn Rae Davidson