Love Bears All: Home Grown in Bear Town

Our greatest battle is the war within us.

A land of paradise, a world of wonder, buried deep in the enchanted forest, nestled at the foothills of the mountains, a dream came true. A vision his grandfather had for quite some time of such a beautiful and bountiful place, one to call home. This is a story of family and friends that shared the sweetness of love and touched the hard core of survival.

As a cub, Little Guh experienced fun and adventure as well as growing pains. He was stricken with hardship at a young age that placed him in a dismal state of mind, with his biggest challenge yet to come. He now had a critical choice to make, one that would impact everyone around him.

Life lessons taught him well to love and hope, whether he understood or not; to be kind; to press on and persevere against the odds; turn weakness to strength; and search to find the things that make a difference. He learned in its truest form that life stood still for no one.

Little Guh found what mattered most was to face his fears. To overcome and conquer and answer the calling was the difference in life or death. He found that not all things were taught, but some things would come as a gift from deep inside. The truth in his heart would set him free and strengthen his love for family, friends, and home. It is best expressed in his grandfather's words: "the roar of a bear is the roar of truth," A season of love will last forever.

Love Bears All

--Kal James