Love Endures All

Love Endures All is a novel written to encourage anyone who's been broken down to the core, who's ever hit rock bottom, who ever felt used, and never felt like they were good enough, to encourage you that God is love, and he is with you even when you feel alone like you're by yourself, remember the Lord is with you. Everything you've been through or are going through, He's with you. Everything is a test to prepare you, to mature you, to make you stronger, to allow you to walk like Jesus Christ our Lord, and to bring glory to his name. So no matter what it looks like or feel like, keep that love in your heart, with love you can endure anything, you can endure all things. Don't give up because you're a child of God, and he loves you, he sees you, and he died for you! That alone should let you know how much God loves you and you are enough. Don't worry about what people say or think about you. Believe what God says about you because he chose you, so choose him. Believe what the Lord says about you, when he created you, he said, "It is good." So you have to believe that!

--Lisa Smith Akaba

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