Love Is in the Air

Love Is in the Air (Letter #79)

Dear Frederick,

Did you know that an act of generosity can move you, delight you, and shake up your world in the most wonderful way? Well, it can. Your generosity of time has moved me, delighted me, and has shaken up my world in a wonderful way. I appreciate you spending so much time with me on the telephone. I can’t even begin to imagine how things would have been had we not been able to communicate in that way. Everybody’s time is important to them, yet you have shared so much of yours with me. I love you, Frederick.

Yours forever and a day,Lauren

This novel was written based on actual events. After having been in a great marriage for many years, Lauren was saddened by the death of her husband. She could not remain stagnant; she had to move on with her life. Once you are in a loving relationship and it ends, knowing what love is and how it feels, you want to be in another loving relationship. Lauren met several men along the way, but none of them was what she was looking for. Then along came Frederick.

Frederick attended the same high school as Lauren, but they did not really know each other during those years. They knew of each other, but they did not know each other. Who knew that years later they would meet and share in a relationship. Lauren was a devout Christian and Frederick was not.

A rocky road is ahead for Lauren and Frederick as they try to adjust to each other, as well as accommodate their families’ desires for them to not be in a relationship. Much drama surrounds this couple as they try to plug her positive into his negative. Will they make it? Only time will tell. This is their story as told by Lauren.

--Brenda J. Scruggs

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