Love's Trail: A Tear of Sadness, a Tear of Joy, but Always, There Is Adonai A Collection of Poems

The title of this volume of poetry tries to capture the journey along which love transports us as we traverse the highway of life. The mile markers are recorded with joy unspeakable, un-utterable; mountains of euphoric and electrifying feelings; little rest areas of sadness; portions of the way overcast with clouds filled with angst and rejection; landscapes paved with wonder; occasional pot holes of anger and disappointment. But, always, even when our eyes are clouded with tears of sadness or cheeks glistening with joy so expansive, He is there. This work is an attempt to present a small portrait of the amazing reality and love of and appreciation for Adonai. At every beat of my heart , He is my inspiration. At every thought, He waits to see our choices.

--J. Ainsley Blaine

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