Magnum Ingenium

Magnum Ingenium (Great Wisdom) explores the biblical definition of wisdom and wise leadership. It explains why it is important that our governments and the Christian church pursue wise policies and offers an explanation as to why our governments and the church have abandoned wise policies in favor of foolish policies.

Magnum Ingenium also studies the differences in personality traits between men and women as they pertain to wisdom and foolishness and explains why men have a greater propensity for wise leadership than women do. It describes how our current and past foolish policies are caused by a hyperfeminine condition of the citizenry, governments, and the church.

Magnum Ingenium offers an explanation of how we came to be in this current hyperfeminine condition and why it is leading to the collapse of Western civilization and destroying the church. It also explains why Christian men are to blame for this hyperfeminine condition and why only Christian men can lead us out of this condition and back to wisdom to save the church and Western civilization.

--H. Raymond Godfrey