Make the World A Better Place Beginning with Children

It all started when I discovered a statement a father made concerning his son who caused harm to many others. He said, "I wish I did not have this child," meaning his son. I was troubled and began to look through the Bible to see what the creator says about children. I found out that he calls children a blessing and as you know everybody likes a blessing, so why would a father make such a statement? And why would a blessing become a murderer when Psalms 145:17 mentions that all God did was good? The spirit of God lifted me to the Bible verse, "When men slept the enemy came and planted tares among the wheat" (Matthew 13:25). John 10:10 also declares the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. So as a role of parenthood, I want parents to come to awareness of the activities of the devil concerning our children and how we can defeat him through prayer using the word of God. In Isaiah 65:23, the Bible says you will never labor in vain or have children for trouble. So, having this great promise from God and with the help of Psalms 8:2, I want parents to use prayer or open their mouth as Psalms 8:2 says to destroy the works of the avenger.

Let me take this opportunity to thank God who inspired me to write this. Waking up in the middle of the night, giving me scriptures, and helping put things together. Without him, we can do nothing. Let me not forget my senior pastor, Phillip Amofah, who became my consultant. He was always there to help answer all my questions. May God bless Michael and Sarah Oduro, my two kids who contributed greatly searching, reading, and typing scriptures. May God richly bless them.

--Ruth Mensah