Mama's Rainbow

A rainbow baby is the term used for a baby who is born after the loss of a child. As true in nature, the rainbow’s beauty provides hope. It does not mean the storm didn’t blow through or that the damage brought on by the storm has vanished. Storm clouds may very well still be visible, but the rainbow’s beauty provides a happy new beginning. It can be a trying time adjusting to motherhood after loss. I know first-hand the trials and tribulations. Though it may feel like you are alone in your feelings, the anxiety and guilt are normal. You will thrive as a mother again. Your little rainbow will give you the strength and motivation to keep going.

Sending my love to the mamas of rainbow babies. Like me, your heart lives in two places at once. I hope this book will help to keep your angel’s memory alive in a new way for you and your rainbow baby. My goal in this has always been to provide comfort to those who are also going through the impossible grief of losing a child.

--Tayler A. Rich

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