Many Roads Traveled but One Not Lost

What to expect from Many Roads Traveled but One Not Lost. We all have a story to tell in life, and each story consists of roads that were traveled down in order to get to where you are now. In this book, you will embark on the many roads that Melanie has taken and the life lessons that she has learned from the decisions that she made on each road. As she shares her lessons with you, she references the Word of God to help build your faith and steer you toward the road that is never lost, the road less traveled, God's road. You will read about her life from childhood to her adulthood and the struggles along the way for not only her, but also her family members involved.

Do you feel a calling in your life? This book will address the calling that Melanie felt in her life and the strength she draws from God to continue to fulfill that calling. As a teenager, Melanie felt God called her to unconditionally love her mother. Now this might seem easy for some, but in this case, there were tests that needed to be passed and challenges that she had to face on a daily basis. When we are called to love unconditionally as God loves, sometimes, that is the biggest challenge in our lives. But for Melanie, love was not demonstrated to her by the ones in life who should have shown it to her the most. That left her confused. In the end, God is always there for you as He was for her.

--Melanie Nally