Marco Polo and Motherhood

Imagine with me for a second that life is one huge game of Marco Polo. Your inner self is screaming out to you, begging you to respond. The little girl inside you is begging for you to do something that makes you happy—ride your bike, take a walk through the park, enjoy life.


The overachiever inside you is begging that you do something that makes you feel accomplished—write that chapter in your book, dress up and attend that meeting, make that important phone call.


The athlete version of you is pleading, “Let’s go to the gym today, go for a hike, run.”


You are so beautifully complex. You have needs. Many, I’m guessing.

It is time to stop putting those needs on the shelf. It is time to find you again. Are you ready, Mama?

“MARCO!” <3

--Kita Kanazeh

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