Mastering Transitions

It’s nothing like a life transition to shift us out of the mundane and interrupt our cadence. Transitions expose the fibers of our heart chambers and cause us to seek God in a unique and different manner. It causes self- reflection and requires healing and re-directions of priorities in order to move into the new season of life.Mastering Transitions provides language and understanding for seasons of transitions. It is a manual on how to navigate through learning and growing to discover your maximum potential. Every transition in life—career, family, personal, ministry—comes with valuable lessons that are the precursors for the next season in your life.Between the old place and the new place is a place called “transition.” This foreign, uncomfortable, unfamiliar yet necessary place is a requirement for your journey. Get ready to gather tools and master your transition.Dr. Monique provides an applicable guide for seasons of transitions and how to garner growth steps from each of life’s transition. You will reach for this book over and over as a guide, a manual, and a safe place for healing.

--Dr. Monique Flemings