Me and JC

Me and JC is a story of hope.

Thumper's dream was to become a professional athlete, but his whole life changed when he was diagnosed with cancer which resulted in the loss of his leg. Thumper felt his lifelong dream would never become a reality, and he lived in fear while battling the cancer. He had a hard time fitting in and was ashamed about the way he looked. Thumper was lacking confidence in himself as he would get teased for the way he looked with his robot leg.

While Thumper was learning how to walk on his robot leg, he found it was very difficult. He was scared and very doubtful; he would never be the same again. Thumper had to learn to build a relationship with his robot leg and trust that it would be there when he took a step, helping him to walk. It was through this battle and relationship in his life where along the way Thumper met a friend that would forever change his outlook on life. This friend gave Thumper the confidence to believe in himself and to know that he has a bigger purpose for his life than what his dream was.

The story of Me and JC shares the relationship that Thumper has with his friend JC while symbolizing our relationship with Christ. Just as Thumper began to fully trust JC every day, he was able to live out his true purpose. The same goes for anyone who fully trust God daily. No matter what may happen in life, how hard it may get, or how uncertain things may become, trust in Him always and know that you have a purpose in this life.

--Scott Odom