Medicine Park

Margaret Jude is worried the end of the world is at hand, that the local preachers are right about the black dust storms rolling over the prairie. The Comanches have cursed her rural western Oklahoma home, and now her prospects of any decent suitor have vanished—she’s convinced.

That is, until she visits magical Medicine Park and meets a dashing young man from the city, Hoyt Woods. There is something different about him, a special hope that no one else seems to have. He ignites her dreams for a future and a fire in her heart.

What neither of them realizes are the obstacles ahead— overcoming the dreaded Indian curse, World War II, and Jude’s apocalyptic father, a minister.

Jude must decide whether to forge her own future or resign herself to years of despair. Then one day, a real opportunity presents in the form of an NYA pamphlet, requesting recruits for war production plants—female recruits. Without batting an eye, she accepts the challenge to become one of the first women sheet metal workers, a real Rosie the Riveter.

What is required will push Margaret Jude to discover her remarkable strengths and toward a deep questioning of faith in Hoyt—and God.

5 percent of proceeds will be donated to Christian charities to benefit orphans.

--Kat Munro