Meditations of Love and Hope

Meditations of Love and Hope is a collection of poems intended to challenge the human mind. The title itself is meant to attract the audience to what is truly out there—and that is kindness, love, and hope that we all must offer our fellow men.

My hope is that this collection of works brings to life the voice and values associated with better understanding of American history and American culture. The collection will also include works dedicated to God, education, history, Mother Nature, parental love, your soul mate’s love, and the search for the true love that we all crave to find. Meditations of Love and Hope is meant to challenge the intellect and strive toward searching for the best the human race can provide.

This collection of works is meant to inspire everyone who reads it that they are blessed and very fortunate to live in a country where possibilities are endless. It is meant to inspire the uninspirable by learning that even though there is always a dark moment, light is always there and ready to shine, for you cannot have one without the other.

This collection of poems where love and, above all, hope is what is immortal and always serve as the feeding life source for humanity’s best. This is to help in aspiring humanism, human tolerance, and human understanding from every corner of the globe.

--Erin Noka

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