Melding the Pieces: The Life of Henri Glaus

From growing up in a home without indoor plumbing or electricity, running barefoot on the farm, to traveling and bicycling throughout the world, Henri Glaus has experienced a life filled with joy, sorrow, high adventure, and the pleasure of accomplishments large and small. Expressed honestly with an element of humility, she recounts her story up to the cusp of her nonagenarian years.

Understanding that life is a series of abstruse valleys and radiant peaks, Henri has embraced all the vicissitudes that a long life brings. Throughout everything, she has had the undying support of an extended family so large that, as her sister said, a bramble bush rather than a family tree would be required to record it.

Throughout her life Henri was blessed with role models, beginning with her parents, her brother, and later four husbands""one, a professor, encouraged and supported her in attaining a Ph.D. This set Henri on a path that provided undreamed of opportunities in her chosen field of education.

There is an adage that states a life well-lived is a life worth living. This is the story of that barefoot girl's journey""the life of Henri Glaus.

--Henrietta Glaus