MEMOIRS: The Memoir of a Hopeless Romantic

Are you a hopeless romantic? I believe it's safe to say there's a little bit of a hopeless romantic in all of us, a power over our sanity our hearts were granted. In movies and fairy tales, we see love stories unfold so perfectly before our eyes. But we know all too well that this isn't reality, though at times I have wished I was one of those story's dreamy guys. In a lot of cases, love is hard, confusing, quirky, and downright awkward. It can be an invaluable treasure once found or an incurable sickness of a broken heart, which can't be healed by any medicine or doctor. I wish I could say my experiences of love have always been sweet. But that would be furthest from the truth because it's much harder to find true love than people think. I'm not saying I'm an expert of love, and to be quite frank with you, I'm learning it as I go. Here's my honest and vulnerable story of discovering true love. I'll tell you what I know. Join me, Phillip, as I take you through my journey that has more than once left me worried, nervous, anxious, and frantic. For to love, there isn't a manual, so I thought I'd write this memoir as a hopeless romantic.

--Jacob Rancharan