Merry Christmas, Pookie

Merry Christmas, Pookie is the second in a series of Pookie and Joey books.

The Miller family is getting ready for Christmas. In the spirit of the holiday season, five-year-old Joey wants to help his parents with holiday chores. However, he doesn't want to exclude Pookie, the family cat, who is also his best friend. He wonders what Pookie could do to help so she can enjoy the holiday too. The family has fun working together to make it a very festive occasion. They have consideration for one another and, at the same time, bring joy to others.

This story shows that Joey has a big heart. He cares about helping others, as well as having concern for Pookie. In the meantime, while Joey is trying to find a way for Pookie to enjoy the holiday, he is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

--Kathi Murriello