Mission Possible

"Mission Possible" is the story of two ambitious young Americans convinced God has called them to share the good news of the gospel in South America. The couple, George and Alice, and their young son, Phillip, embark on the unknown in the early 1950s as they are given the plans for their mission work in the Presbyterian East Mission of Brazil. After a brief time serving a church in Tennessee, as a newly graduated seminary student, George is ready to fulfill his dream of serving abroad. Alice is excited to embark on this adventure in a land where she and her husband can bring a sense of hope to many, while grappling with a new life and a growing family. Their limitations and naivete are compounded with perils of the jungle, along with the endless physical, language and cultural differences encountered. Though often weary, both remain yielded to whatever means the Lord uses to train and equip them. Every part of their life goes beyond all the boundaries of their imagination as it is woven into a colorful tapestry sometimes torn, but always repaired. Their amazing adventure is fundamentally based on a real-life story.

--Nancy Hastings

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