Momma Has MS

Multiple Sclerosis is an illness that more people are being diagnosed with. It is a difficult illness to diagnose because each afflicted person has different symptoms. Children naturally want to help the family member feel better, but they don’t know how. They are also curious about what Multiple Sclerosis is and what causes it.

Because I was diagnosed when my children were married, I wrote this book for my grandsons and all children whose lives are affected by MS. The children will be able to help those diagnosed with MS in very simple ways after reading this book. They will learn that saying positive things, smiling, giving hugs and kisses, and helping when they see a need will be beneficial for the entire family.

Fighting Multiple Sclerosis is a full family task, and children should be included. They need to feel like they are making a positive difference in the MS person’s life. It’s hard enough for the children to see their family members hurt, but when they can alleviate the sadness for a brief moment, they will know they are making a difference. They will know they are so very loved and needed.

--Karen Pine

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