Mom's Stairway To Heaven: "Heaven Is Real"

Our journey takes us into the lives of an immigrant family from Canada who came to the United States looking for a better life, warmer climate for their children. From Canada, to across the border in Detroit, Michigan to Colorado and finally the Pacific Northwest. Step into the life of my Mom, the preacher’s wife, find out if God treats her same in life as you. Learn how God worked in their lives and how you can get the blessings of the Lord poured out upon your life. My mom’s testimony of her life, she has seen every kind of obstacle in life that you can go through, as a preacher’s wife, see how she handled it.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

Does God treat a Preacher’s wife the same as everyone else?

Would you give up everything you have to serve God?

What choices do you make in your life? Good, bad, right or wrong?

Do you know Him? - Or you don’t?

Does God hear everyone’s prayers? - Is Heaven real?

Do you pray and talk to Him? - Do you put God first in your life?

Do you include Him in your problems you have?

Are you going to be ready for that day?

Do we accept God’s salvation? - Or do we reject Him

You need to ask yourself a question if you were to die today would you go to heaven?

Mom showed us that we have choices to make in this life, some of them for good and some bad. Don’t be a procrastinator and put off the choices you can face. Some choices have long-lasting effects on your health physically and mentally. If my mom would have gone to the doctor when she first started to have problems, she may have never got cancer. Instead she lets it go for a few years and then it turned into something real bad, CANCER. When your body talks to you, you should listen, go to the doctor. God uses all the doctors here on earth to help all of us while we are here. So make the right choices in your life.

God treats us all the same in life; the difference is the relationship that you have with Christ. God rewarded my mom in a special way when she died. Never before have I seen death come this way in someone’s life.

Find out what’s waiting for you when that time comes for you. We never plan on dying, but when you least expect it, it can happen in a moment to anyone. God loves us & cares for us no matter who we are and His gift of salvation is free for all of us. Don’t miss out on seeing what God can do for you! Don’t waste your time away. Ask Him!!!

--the Preacher’s Son, Brian K. Eastman

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