More Than Conquerors: Part 2 (Joshua 6-11) SERIES: PAGANS, PROSTITUTES AND OTHER PROBLEMS (A Simple Man’s Commentary on Joshua)

For generation after generation, the descendants of Abraham had waited to receive what Yahweh had promised to their patriarch ages ago. The stories of a great nation, a Promised Land, and being a blessing to all the world had been told over and over again. This new generation had heard these stories often. Now after forty long years wandering in circles in the wilderness, they stood on Canaan’s soil.One of the promises made by God and given to Abraham had already been fulfilled. They had become a great nation. The second promise, that of a land they could call their own, lie immediately before them. But the excitement and the expectation before them was mixed with terror.A miracle like none they had yet witnessed had just happened. Like the stories their grandfathers had told them about the crossing of the Red Sea, so too the waters of the raging Jordan River parted as they crossed on dry land onto Canaan soil. They now stood in enemy territory. Giants lived in this land; fearsome men experienced in warfare with the latest of modern weaponry.Pagan, Prostitutes, and Other Problems Part 2: More Than Conquerors (Joshua 6–11) is the account of the conquest of the Promised Land by a nation far inferior to the forces of the indigenous people. Impossible fortresses and unimaginable armies are to be confronted and defeated if they are to claim this land.The difficult lesson of following God fully must be learned. Mistakes will be made and lives lost, but on every page, the hand of God can be seen working through His people. You will see unfold before your eyes the eternal truth of the apostle Paul, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Dive in and join the winning team! You will learn not to believe your eyes!

--Paul Murray

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