More Than the Eye Can See

At the end of her junior year of college, Miranda, a music major, meets David, an accomplished artist, at a wedding reception. They are immediately attracted to each other and begin dating. One thing that attracts Miranda to David, after he shows her his art gallery, is his explanation that before he can paint a picture, he seeks to discover the spirit and the truth of what he wants to paint in order to reveal how all things are spiritually connected by love. After Miranda graduates from college, they marry and have three daughters. During the course of their marriage, they have to deal with the loss of a long-desired son who died at birth, a handicapped granddaughter named Sarah, and an art student, Ashley, who wants to become romantically involved with David.

Courtney, Sarah’s younger sister, has problems in school because she is teased about her sister Sarah being handicapped. Because of her low self-esteem, Courtney becomes pregnant, but her boyfriend, who no longer cares for her, insists she have an abortion. David, who had a very special relationship with Sarah, after her death, struggles to find the real Sarah. After much pondering, he paints a picture of Sarah as a beautiful young girl presenting flowers to Jesus. Miranda is afraid now David is including Jesus in his paintings that he has reached the height of his career and that she will soon lose him.

Learn how Miranda and David deal with these challenging situations in this inspiring novel, and what the meaning of “More than the Eye Can See” represents.

--Betty Raymond Gubler

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