Mother May I: Daily Word

"Mother, May I?" was a very popular yard game in Petersburg, Virginia, in the Blandford community. Our yard was one of the notorious places to play "Mother, May I?" The leader would offer you giant steps, baby steps, bunny hops, umbrellas, and all sorts of ways to touch the leader first. You had to say, "Mother, May I?" and obtain permission in order to move. If you moved without the permission of "Mother, May I?" you had to start over. We did not have any grass in our front yard due to these yard games. As we became adults, the grass finally grew in. We taught these games to our children when we visited, but they didn't play them enough to kill the grass. My mother and stepfather loved to see the porch filled with family and children playing in the yard. She loved the company.

This book is a great way for one to journal their personal thought on the word today. These are the things to ponder to journal: How will this word impact your day? What is your thought of the word for today? Can it be used as a weapon to fight the enemy that day? Remember, Satan hates the Word, so utilize your daily Word to destroy his attacks. Enjoy the read and utilize the tool""God's Word!

--Denise Bush-Canada