Mountain Moving Memoirs Flowing From the Chambers of My Heart: Poetry With A "Twist"

This book is a collection of memoirs and short stories. Some are factual and others are fiction written over a course of twelve years. Life has a way of taking us through unexpected paths, some dark and bleak. God balances them out with joy, peace, and lasting contentment through life's challenges, family situations, seasons, love, and the list goes. My prayer for you is as you read this book, you'll be encouraged to see the glass as being half full instead of empty; that you will began to obtain happiness by looking at life through the eyes of a child; and that you will keep love, forgiveness, and expect the best first of yourself and appreciate and have compassion on others. We are all a "work in progress." I believe our gifts bind us to a higher power of God. The more we apply it, the closer we become to each other. When you finish this book, you will know that there are no "small" gifts. All gifts given by God are indeed good. This book was written by the anointing and power of God to bring deliverance to all in need. Some of them will make you laugh, cry, and think about life. All those who read it will go away refreshed with a new outlook on life. I encourage you to pass it on to family and friends. They will be thankful for years to come!

--Geraldine Dalton Neal

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