My 2 Sense: A Daily Devotional

When looking for a devotional, someone would be curious why title a devotion My 2 Sense. This devotion concept comes from the biblical story of the widow’s offering shared by Jesus in Luke 21:1–4. Jesus notices the woman giving her two mites, two pennies, basically her two cents! He goes on to say, “This poor widow has given more than all the rest of them combined.” Why? Because she gave all that she had.

This devotional is for those who are in need of a daily word from God, written by a simple child of God who is going through similar trials and issues of this world. Just like the poor widow, this author has poured out her heart to share her two mites, two coins, or “two sense,” given by God to uplift, encourage, smile, and make you see the goodness of the Lord. The author challenges you to read the devotion My 2 Sense and see how God fulfils your life on a daily basis.

--Dorian Stewart

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