My Dreams: The Book of Visions

Without exception of race, religion, gender, and age, every human being dreams when sleeping, and it is the presence of God in action who introduces the real overview of our projected thought which creates the dream.

Any future action gets the true meaning form of our knowingly design that we’ll have to find for better perform our desires and preferences, angel characters, in order to live our paradise and then resist and fight low vibrations, archangel characters to rise our internal light on overcoming death, the failure to the divine riding. The loss of the vital energy are only for those who ignore the Almighty God present, the Christ with whom Jesus developed the communion becoming one and reflected the divine grace overcoming death. “Anyone who sees Me, sees the father,” Jesus said, the savior of the humanity and the way, the truth, and the life that no one can go to heaven without Christ.

Dreams are one of the divine created faculties with different aspects allowing humans to directly communicate with Christ who just need you to be alive and achieve. The reason why when recognizing God’s presence in your heart, you’ll take control of your key to happiness by your thoughts on monitoring and correcting yourself.

--João "Dux" Nada Longo

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